MDGO Michigan Disc Golf Org.   September 24, 2012 at 4:41pm

Berth Request for 2013

The MDGO is now accepting Berth request for the 2013 season.

You must include the following info in the request

Your name (you may only request for 1 club or org.)
Club or org you are representing for.
Amount of berths you are requesting either a specific # or MAX
Last year MAX = 7 for previous participation in the Berth process
and 3 for 1st year participants.
How the Berths will be used.

Also if you wish to be a Feature Event (FE) in 2013 please include that in your request. This includes the FE's from last year.

Send all request to :
[email redacted]

Deadline for submitting request is Dec 1 2012.