Disc Into Fall Tournament Series   August 20, 2012 at 4:16pm

New Series Layout

Ok, I was going to do three big tournaments but it seems that I just can't depend on the support I was expecting to be there. SO, I am going to use a new platform and have a real series with a bunch of smaller tournaments. Here is the layout for the tournament.
The New Series will be a progressive type format. It is a great way for golfers to have a chance at improving and opens the field to see some new faces getting paid. Handicap leagues always seem to have the same people winning. Not this league!
The events will be every other weekend singles with an 18 hole match and a final nine.
There will be three 4 divisions Rec, Intermediate, Am, and a ladies/juniors
The series will have 8 tournaments lasting for three months
The top three will be cashed out at each event unless there is less than 10 in a division
IF YOU CASH TWICE IN A DIVISION YOU HAVE TO MOVE UP. You can stay in the division of your choice untill you cash two times. That format will improve players game and give everyone a chance to feel what it is like to compete under pressure. It also evens out the field every two weeks.
Cost for the games will be 5 dollars a person and will have division CTPs for one dollar.