RIVAL CLUBS   June 4, 2012 at 6:13am

2012 Season RIVAL CLUBS #2 at Wortman park

Terry Shuler of M.V.D.S.A. hosted the 2nd event of the 2012 season today at Wortman Park. The turnout was better than expected and 4 clubs showed up to challenge one another. Terry's layout was indeed difficult, challenging players with Mando and O.B. rules on most holes of the special 18 hole layout. Good work M.V.D.S.A. on preparation for RIVAL CLUBS.

RESULTS; 4 points possible for each division

CCDG---------17 points (4 open, 4 general, 2 masters, 4 grand masters, 3 womans, 0 JRs)

M.V.D.S.A.----15 points (3 open, 2 general, 3 masters, 3 grand masters, 0 womans, 4 JRs)

Chain Gang---13 points (2 open, 3 general, 4 masters, 0 grand masters, 4 womans, 0 JRs)

SSNW-----------5 points (1 open, 1 general, 1 masters, 0 grand masters, 2 womans, 0 JRs)

Points may change later in season

CCDG was able to capture the M.V.D.S.A host trophy at this event and currently leads the series with 30 points,
M.V.D.S.A is close behind with 27 points, Chain Gang (the new addition to R.C.) has 13 points, and SSNW has 9 points on the season. Keep in mind folks that if a club were to sweep an event with 1st place in each division with 5 clubs, that win would be worth 30 points!