RIVAL CLUBS   May 30, 2012 at 9:42am

Future events

For RIVAL CLUBS staff,

All "RIVAL CLUBS" events should be posted to tournament schedule with "RIVAL CLUBS" as the DGscene.com club in the overview section of registration. This will make it easy to get a turnout since the other clubs TDs will then know to schedule accordingly, and put together their home clubs flight crew. Under the "about" section you can describe layout, prizes, and plug your "host" clubs home field advantage.

All "RIVAL CLUBS" staff have equal opportunity to post news, events and add staff as other clubs decide to join. PLEASE make use of this privilege as it will only last the duration of the season.

I have had much less activity on this clubs page than I anticipated. My concerns are that TDs of some clubs my not be well enough informed, and thus miss out on the fun. There is still plenty of time for more events in 2012 , yet planing is key in this format, and plenty of advance notice is needed to make possible event schedule changes if needed.