Stumptown Disc Golf   May 22, 2012 at 3:26pm

Letter From the President of Stumptown Disc Golf Club

From Stumptown President Jeff Hagerty:

Hello Everyone,

This letter is long overdue, but we wanted to give everyone something of a "State of the Union".

It has been a busy year for Stumptown Disc Golf. Many of our projects have come to fruition and we have more in the works.

Here are a few of the projects Stumptown Disc Golf has been involved with:

Lunchtime Disc Golf Course: Working in conjunction with Disc Golf or Die, we ran the Stumptown Slosh Series this winter as fund raising tournaments for new baskets at Lunchtime Disc Golf Course. Overall, the entire project was a great success and we even had the pleasure of playing the final Slosh event at Lunchtime on the very baskets the series helped to fund. As cool as it was to see those new baskets in the ground, it was even better to see how ecstatic the church was that we raised all that money for their course.

Blue Lake Park: With the support of Next Adventure and Metro, Stumptown Disc Golf has recently started the installation of the Dave Feldberg designed course at Blue Lake Park. Many of you have offered to help out with this installation, and we had our first major work party this past Saturday. We had over 18 volunteers working on installing four 6' x 12' tee pads and we cleared out one of the more overgrown fairways. It was really cool to see everyone working so hard on this project We will be putting the word out again soon for the next Blue Lake Work party. We'd love to see you there.

Pier Park: This has been a great year for Stumptown Disc Golf, Next Adventure and Portland Public Parks. We have nurtured a good relationship into a great one, and if you have been out to Pier Park lately you can see exactly how this relationship has benefited Pier Park. We have built new pathways on several holes and we have plans to continue adding pathways as time progresses. On April 21st we completed our latest Pier Park project, done with the cooperation of Portland Public Parks, and in conjuntion with a Solve clean-up Oregon event, was the rebuilding of original hole nine's tee area. If you'd played Pier Park this March you would have trudged through a soupy, muddy mess just to tee off. With all of that in mind (and on our shoes) we dug up about 15 wheelbarrows full of sloppy, wet bark chips, carted them off. Then we lined the entire tee area with peeled logs like the pathways we'd installed earlier and the back-filled the entire area with about 8 loads of gravel. All in all, the area looks awesome and we will likely be doing more projects like this one to further improve the course.

Milo McIver State Park: Recently Stumptown Disc Golf teamed up with Oregon State Parks and Jeff Cox Construction and put together a plan to replace the bridge on the stump hole at Milo McIver State Park. Gone is that rickety old 12 foot bridge that was completely submerged for half the winter, and in its place is a beautiful 20' long boardwalk. We are extremely happy with how the boardwalk turned out and have received numerous compliments on this project. I know everyone who plays in the Fling this year will love it as well.

Canby, OR: While the club itself was not too involved with this particular project I did want to give a shout out to Stumptown Member Ryan Gwillim who spearheaded the installation of the new 12 Hole course in Canby, OR. Ryan lead the charge on this project from day one. He lined up the property, the funding, designed the course and the worked tirelessly until it was in the ground. Certainly there were a few more people who pitched in along the way, but Steve Carson, Josh Dearing and Scott Searles put in a lot of time helping Ryan with the installation in Canby. Thank you guys for all of your hard work.

Which brings me to the primary reason for this letter: Stumptown Membership and renewal. So many of these accomplishments were done in part with money raised by club memberships. If you haven't joined or renewed your Stumptown membership in a while, we are hoping you'll consider doing it now that you're aware of what is being done on your behalf. As much as we would love to see all of you out at work parties, we know not everyone has the time to make it out there. We all have projects and responsibilities that require our time and energy, but joining or renewing your Stumptown membership, and maybe picking up a bag tag will help give us the resources to do even more projects like the ones we did this year.

As a non-profit club we have very limited resources and we strive to get the biggest possible bang for every buck put into the club. We are all volunteers and not a single one of us makes anything from being involved in these projects. Just by joining or renewing your membership, every time you walk past a club project, you'll be able to say that you helped fund that project. Another, less tangible, but still very real fact is that by joining Stumptown Disc Golf you help give us the numbers we need when we present cities, counties, parks departments or other organizations plans for even more projects started. Our sport is young and our strength is in numbers.

Stumptown Perks: Some of the other perks of Stumptown membership are the $5 discount on your annual PDGA membership renewal and my personal favorite: the 15% discount on anything at Next Adventure. Even if you only make a purchase or two over the year at Next Adventure the Stumptown membership will pay for itself.

Thanks for listening and we hope you will consider joining or renewing your Stumptown Disc Golf membership this year, or if you already have renewed... Thank you very much for supporting the club. We hope you are confident your money was well spent.

Stumptown Disc Golf Membership and Renewal