RIVAL CLUBS   March 5, 2012 at 10:40am

2012 Season RIVAL CLUBS kick off event at Keizer Rapids

Keizer Rapids gave the visiting clubs a warm welcome and the locals cold shoulder. RIVALS CLUBS are developing now! The buzz of this series is spreading and the committee of TDs agrees clubs should be allowed to join the series still. I had hoped we would have a schedule by now with events running into October. If clubs are allowed to join up to the day of the season finale, those clubs would miss points for missed events and thus have less of a chance to will the series but more importantly points could not be tallied after each event accurately since total possible points equal the total number of clubs in the RIVAL CLUBS. So it would not be fair to clubs joining early since late clubs would be playing for more points. Here is the solution; I will post the points now, see what happens at the next RIVAL CLUBS event.

CCDG---- 13 points (3 Open, 3 General, 3 G.masters, 2 Masters, 0 Womans, 2 jr)

MVDSA-- 12 points (1 Open, 1 General, 1 G.masters, 3 Masters, 3 Womans, 3 jr)

SSNW---- 4 points (1 Open, 0 General, 2 G.masters, 1 Masters, 0 Womans, 0 jr)

This may change later in the season.