Stumptown Disc Golf   January 12, 2012 at 7:56pm

Stumptown Slosh #3 Dabney State Park Sunday January 22nd

Just a friendly reminder to EVERYONE! You MUST renew your PDGA membership by the time of this event, or you will have to pay the $10 non-member fee during check-in.

This is not optional. If we let you play without being current with the PDGA, we are on the hook for that $10. So PLEASE avoid putting us in an awkward position, and just renew your memberships ahead of time!!!

Also remember Stumptown Club members get $5 off PDGA new memberships & renewals. In addition to a 15% discount at Next Adventure, so now is a good time to join or renew your Stumptown membership as well.

Link to renew or join the PDGA:

Link to renew or join Stumptown Disc Golf Club: