Wingfoot Zeppelins - A Disc Golf Society   December 23, 2011 at 9:23am

Wingfoot Zeppelins Club tags

we still have about 22 numbers left we are going to offer a few options since these will be old and more or less a keep sake and a way to help support the Wingfoot Zeppelins

Option #1 we have a couple large and extra large shirts left dri fit type (email me for this option) comes with bag tag and your next years tag is only $10 and will get you a 2012 tag and a cotton shirt we hope.
Cost $20.00

Option #2 pay $10 for your tag get next years swag and tag for $10
Cost $10.00

Option #3 just want a tag to dangle on my bag and support disc golf in the process NO discount on 2012 tag shirt/ combo if you decide you like what we do and end up wanting to join the Wingfoot Zeppelins it will cost you $20.00 to get the shirt and tag for 2012 but your renewal for 2013 will be half price.
Cost for Options #3

When these tags are gone they will be a rarity like OOP plastic...(out of production like these one of kind dri fit type club shirts)

Once again have a Happy Holiday form the Wingfoot Zeppelins-A Disc Golf Society