Wingfoot Zeppelins - A Disc Golf Society   December 7, 2011 at 9:07pm

This is the Zeppelins charity event for this year and other info.
feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are looking for zeppelin members to help with the food.

Our pdga doubles event on the first of january will be the beginning of our winter fundraiser to benefit the tee pads for spring which we hope to get rolling on. We will have a series of strange events all doubles four in total first sanctioned the next three none sanctioned. First pdga best shot ($ 50 all divisions), second event putter only ($ 25 all divisions), third worst shot($ 25), fourth best score ($ 25). I'd like to see people represent from each area, the best shooting and represented area will take a nice glass trophy home for their respective area. Please try to find a partner to stick with for all the events. Points will be one for each group you beat in your division. area points are one for each group of people that show up from that area, one extra point if your group/area dominates the field. lets see who has the most skilled players. the area TROPHIES will be given out at our spring pdga event which will be a glow tournament. (pdga legal glow discs) where that area will be recognized as badazz disc golfers. Pay outs will be like normal. Need a partner post up.