Stumptown Disc Golf   December 6, 2011 at 1:13am

Stumptown Slosh Series Payout - Where The Money Goes?

Once again news has gotten back to me about someone spreading outright lies about our events.

Sadly, it always seems to be the same people, but what really kills me is that I'm not sure if these people are intentionally spewing lies, or if they are just painfully misinformed and too lazy to get the facts straight. In any case I am here, once again, to lay everything right out on the table for the world to see.

Here are a few constants. (ie: these do not change, regardless of the event).
• Stumptown Disc Golf is a non-profit entity that is 100% run by volunteers who do not make ANY money from our events.
• All money from a division stays within THAT division. We do not move any money from MA1 to MA2, or from MM1 to MG1.
• All money from Amateurs regitration stays with Ams. Period.
• In the event Stumptown does make ANY money on ANY event the club runs that money goes directly back in to the local disc golf community in one way or another. For example: in the form of lunch at one of our many work parties.

If anyone, anywhere tells you anything that contradicts the above information they are lying. Period. I'd be more than happy to show the books to any reasonable person who wants to take the time to learn how we operate.

Now, if you look closely at the payout structure for the 2011-2012 Slosh Series they will see that the payout is a little lower than you would normally see at a sanctioned event. This is solely due to the fact that we are trying to raise money to buy new baskets for Lunchtime Disc Golf course.

If you are a player whose concern is focused completely on payout rather than helping upgrade one of your local courses that is totally fine with me, but the Slosh Series are not the right events for you. We have other events like the Beaver State Fling that cover those bases quite well, thank you.

Here is a complete breakdown of where Slosh Series registration money goes:

Slosh #1: Entry $30

$2.00 -- PDGA Sanctioning
$5.00 -- Lunchtime Basket Fund
$12.00 - Players Pack (Hoodie, Premium Disc & some misc shwag)
$11.00 - Directly to Scrip Payout

(Please note: The hoodies were arranged by Justin Gross and paid for by North Bonneville, so that did not affect our payout at all. Stumptown & Next Adventure also bumped up the Am scrip payout by an additional 25% that is not included in the above calculations.)

Slosh #2: Entry $33.00 (Projected)

$2.00 -- PDGA Sanctioning
$3.00 -- Horning Hideout's Fee
$5.00 -- Lunchtime Basket Fund
$12.00 - Players Pack (Premium Disc & some misc shwag)
$11.00 - Directly to Scrip Payout

(Please Note: We are working to try to get some additional shwag onto the players packs for Slosh #2, but again this will not affect overall payout).
The people I have been working with over the past few years to help drive Stumptown forward are some of the coolest and most upstanding people I have ever worked with. No, not everyone (myself included) is perfect, but we all have the best interests of Portland disc golfers in mind.

Every time I hear about these shameful games people are playing it just kills me, because I feel like it is a direct attack on these people who work so hard for no other reason than that they want to help. So, next time you hear someone spewing lies about Stumptown... consider all of these volunteers donating their time, and even if you don't feel like sticking up for Stumptown, please stick up for them... because not only do they deserve it... they have, quite literally, earned it.

So there you have it. Those are the cold, hard facts and if anyone tells you anything otherwise, for whatever reason, they are not being honest with you.

Thanks for listening,

Jeff Hagerty
President - Stumptown Disc Golf