K'wood Chiefs   August 21, 2011 at 2:43pm

Monday and Fridays No Longer Sharing Ace Pool

Due to some unforeseen disagreements, the Monday Random Doubles are no longer affiliated with my Friday BYOP Doubles, tournaments, or the cleanup events, this means that the ace pool will no longer be shared between the nights. As a result, the club will be returning to its original focus which is to keep the park clean, work on getting improvements done and to expand the sport in the Southwest Michigan area. Those interested in helping us clean up glass can show up on Monday around 1:00 pm to help, I will be at hole 8 doing my very best to remove some of the broken glass. Over the next week there will be a small selection of 25 Gateway discs for sale at reasonable prices, so check back soon for the update.

Thank you to everyone for your patience...