Alaska Disc Golf Association   December 10, 2010 at 11:36am

Thanks For A Great 2010 DG Season

Dear members of the ADGA,

I would like to thank you for all of your help this year. We got a lot accomplished and I am proud of our efforts. I would like to list off some of the items we can all be proud about. (Complete overhaul of Westchester Lagoon, Bag tags reintroduced, public outreach (clinics with Parks Youth and the local student detention center, creation of course for the juvenile detention center, record donation to Bean's, assisting with boy scouts on Alcantra, public interest with 2 newspaper articles and 1 tv news cast, and more.

I have decided to pursue helping out disc golf in our community on a individual basis for the future. I will finish out this month as President and complete this year. It was my privilege to serve as president and lead Disc Golf in Alaska. My leadership was called into question at the last meeting and it was suggested to look for other leadership. Well if you are looking for someone to make a stand on a Pro tournament bid, then you are correct. I am not the leader you need. If you want someone to assist/TD in 8 tornament events and dedicate their summer to disc golf, then I am. I am sorry my efforts are not what the ADGA wants. I wish the best for the club in the future.

Have a great Holiday and I will see you out on the course. And remember ..... smile, your playing Disc Golf!!! The best sport in the world.

Peace, Brian Gutzwiller, ADGA President