Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   December 13, 2010 at 6:55pm

New P.O.M.A.P. course coming soon!!!

That's right ya'll... a new course coming in soon... (private to only P.O.M.A.P members). located in aloha near orchard park... we have a solid front 9 and back 9... a decent 3rd layout is in the process for an additional 9 holes ... to make 27 holes total!!

as many of you know we've been working on 7 acres of trees... now this new course is going to be based more inland. we are talking to a near by shop as a possible sponsor...needless to say the baskets from 7 acres of trees will be on the new course for a trial run.

tomorrow tone poles go in... and will be refined accordingly... once all the pins locations are settled upon the baskets go in... when i design a course i try my best to follow STEADY ED'S guide lines: http://www.discgolfassoc.com/course-design/course-designing-basics.html ... to design a course.

membership will play a huge part in the cost of upkeep for the new course and 7 acres of trees... cost to play is under scrutiny as of now... most likely i'll do a $5.00 tag buy in like i did last time... back in 2008.

the buy in will most likely go for cost of tag (1.09 printing & laminate @ .30 cents) i spent the money raised on ewing young, 7 acres of trees and towards a laminator for the tags so lamination cost is about 3 cents less per tag.

i will keep everyone up to date as much as possible towards the course and cost etc... stay tuned my friends ;)