Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   May 25, 2010 at 10:56am

HH Hootenanny party and discgolf tourney (sat May 29th)

Hi Matt - lookin' forward to seeing ya'll next weekend, but I've been hearing a lot of rumors. so here's copy of my wall post about the party. PLEASE help spread the word.

There's been a lot of talk about the Hootenanny party and disc golf tourney, coming up next weekend (Sat. May 29th)

To clear up any confusion: The event is $15 per person. This includes a full day of music with 6 bands, onsite camping saturday night, AND the option to enter a casual disc golf tournament. I will have some nice prizes for the top placers.
BUT please be informed - THIS IS NOT A DISC GOLF ORIENTED EVENT. It's a music event with some disc golf.

If you are coming to HH next saturday expecting a professional style tournament please be aware this is not one.
Anyone coming to HH simply for disc golf as a day patron will not be eligible for the Hootenanny DGT.

I'm expecting a wide range of skill level among the players, so we'll have a novice tier and an advanced tier.
Early sign up will begin at 11am sat. including a players meeting to discuss etiquette and expectations. Regular rules will be enforced, but I'm counting on good sportsmanship and peer accountability. any side betting is your responsibility and not to be considered part of the actual tourney. Final sign up and another meeting will be at 3pm. Awards will be handed out around 7:30pm.

Please see my profile wall for more info about the party.

thanks, scotty