Club Kensington Resurrection   March 22, 2010 at 1:38pm

Our first year...

Well our first year as a club and league are over. Here are some fun facts:
Over 1600 rounds played.
Over $8000 in prise money paied out.
16 Aces paid out over $3000.
415 total players.
Most wins: Mark Ellis (10)
Most Aces: Jeff Kaluk (2)
Most CTP's: Lyle Downing
Most Beer Consumed: Dave Curry
Most "Im running late but will be there by noon": Aaron Birdsall

I want to thank our sponsers for this past year.
Holdens Party Store
also: Kensington Metro Park, Garys Trophies, DISCGOLF SCENE!!

A big thanks go to all that helped: Dave Curry, Jeff Brelin, Todd White, Jason and Justin Booker, Lyle Downing, Tim Pillsburry, Aaron Birdsall and Andrew Kaluk.

A special thanks go to Dave Dirmeyer who was a tremendous help and asset to myself and the club.

Last but not least, thanks to my wife Penny for all her help and support. It has not been easy with the long hours it takes to run this thing. Thank you Penny, I love you.

Thanks to all the players and their support. See you all this summer.