Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   February 4, 2010 at 11:08am

we've made the top 30 list of clubs registered on DGS for U.S.

i want to thank everyone that is a part of the club and/or that has shown support for the club...i never thought that when i founded the once small club back in 2008... that it would take off to become oregon's 2nd largest d-golf club.

apparently just alone on this awesome site (DGS) we have 65 registered members... thats not to count the members that are not on the site... making an estimate of some what in the 75-80 active members.

on this site we rank 9th place out of the top 30 clubs... i as the founder of the club chose only to use this site (DGS) thanks to pete and his hard work... im able to enter scores from tourny's/leagues/ etc...

coming in as 2nd ranked in the state of oregon im proud of all that we've accomplished in the last 2 years. being a laid back club we welcome beginners, novice, advance and open players... that just want to get away from the normal political pressures that are involved in huge established clubs.

be it huge groups to single players we tend to become die hards!!! if your a fair weather player thats fine too... the one thing we all have in common is our beloved sport of disc golf... no matter how big this club gets... let it be known that nobody will be turned down to join...

its free to join the club... when money is involved its for tag costs or course maintenance... at all times that is an option that will never be forced upon you as a P.O.M.A.P. member... nor will we ask of you that and/or for donations...

should you choose to make a donation please specify your wants... its really simple...if at any time you have a question... then ask... if at any time you have an idea... then lay it out... no pressure... im just happy for all that support this awesome laid back, die hard bunch of d-golfers that play rain, snow, wind or shine... thank you every one... lets keep up the good work and make d-golf and the likes a sport to be set in stone!!!