Ann Arbor Disc Induced Sports Club   January 7, 2010 at 11:16pm

2010 Discraft Great Lakes Open Championship Series: Tentative Schedule

#1) Sunday, January 31 at BRATS and the Farmhouse
#2) Sunday, February 28 at Independence Lake
#3) Sunday, March 28 at Kensington's Black Locust
#4) Saturday, May 22 at Rolling Hills
#5) Sunday, June 20 at Hudson Mills
#6) Saturday and/or Sunday, July 10-11 at the Ponds at Lakeshore

A3DISC will be holding these six tournaments as fundraisers to add cash to the purse of the 2010 Discraft Great Lakes Open. Each event will cost $20 to enter, $5 of which will be added to the DGLO's purse. Additionally, for a one time, optional $10 fee, players will be entered into the DGLO Championship Series. Players will accumulate points at each event they play; each player's four best point totals will be used in order to determine overall series standings. The four players with the most cumulative points in each division after the final event at Lakeshore will play 9 safari holes. The winners will be crowned 2010 Ann Arbor Area Disc Golf Champions! We will be offering a few unique changes to the payout format in this series. Advanced players will be playing for cash; however, any player with a rating over 955 must play Pro. All other amateur divisions will be offered two payout options. Players who cash at each event can either choose plastic from a selection offered by A3 or may opt to receive a gift certificate of equivalent value to The Throw Shop at Lakeshore instead. Certificates can be used at any time or may be saved up until the finals at Lakeshore in July and used to purchase something really cool from The Throw Shop then. Thank you to everyone for coming out and helping us to make the 2010 Great Lakes Open an event to remember!

Tim Gacioch and the whole staff at A3