Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   August 11, 2009 at 9:36am

expanding P.O.M.A.P. !!!

ok people this club is taking off!!! tomorrow im spossed to meet up w/ a dude that wants to expand the club offering many new members. if this happens i will need to have a mini tourny to make the tag numbering fair to the new members.

i also encourage existing members to join in the play if they want. (keep in mind the starting tag will be #40 to whatever the amount of new people join... IE #69 )

i have ghost tag #38 and dave sparrow has ghost tag #37. ghost tag #10 has been found and returned to it's new rightful owner(included w/ the temp tag of a sk8board truck riser). ive chosen not to challenge many players in order to keep #38 or people w/ in the immediate greenway locals so to keep track of it tell the next batch of is printed off.

and last but not least... if this club gets any bigger im gonna start needing to appoint staff members to help me run this monster!!!

thanx for the time ;)