Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   July 18, 2009 at 10:54am

Correct tag numbering?

july 14 might have incorrect numbering between all the newberg and McMinville players please call me or hit me up here on DGS... so i can make sure everyone has the correct tags... the members in question are...

Shaun Kirk
Bryan Waters
Dave Heider
Randy Winey
Carl Boje
Scotty Richardson
cody leppin

im showing 3 submitted rounds for that date please contact me and do not play for tags untill i get this situation under control... i use DGS as pete (owner of site) has been kind enough to set up tag match controllability...

if u have a hard time entering scores or questions let me know and i'll walk you through it as to how i have it set up for tie breakers ( ctp/or played holes) the additional strokes section does not actually ad a stroke to your score it only identifies who placed 1st and so on if you do ctp or actually play the tie breaking hole out right.

i need this to be correct and i need help keeping the scores correct. thanx for the time and i hope this clears any issues up.