Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   May 8, 2009 at 9:04am

Bag Tag's #15 - #18 are still up for purchase

3 more tags are left to purchase @ $5.00 a piece. Then mike and i should be able to make the next 18 tags. We had fun and got off to a mathematical error for the 1st annual Bag Tag to determine the handing out of the tags. Since then the majority of the votes were to keep the original tags people were handed out. I the created the P.O.M.A.P. Summer Bag Tag challenge and people are now able to submit matches w/ those tags.

Not a horrible start for only being up and running for 4 days. After taking care of the cost to make the tags (just over $20.00 per 18 tags) we have made a total of $50.00 not counting the additional $15.00 if we sell the 3 remaining tags. If we sell these last tags we will have a total of $65.00 to apply towards discgolf courses, supplies and to the club/discgolf in general.

Next we as a club need to vote on how we want to spend the raised money.

some ideas have been trash cans for greenwaypark... perhaps the better improvement of a few tee boxes at hornings hideout "highlands course" replacing the all gravel tee boxes w/ a honeycomb style coble stone w/gravel mix. Other ideas have been to apply the money towards club events and so on.

please feel free to drop me a line or to post ideas in the talk section of the club.