Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   May 3, 2009 at 2:29am

Missing hole #9 basket at Greenway Park!!!

so last night some jackass decided to rip basket #9...concrete and all out of the ground. i have found the basket way off to the right of the fairway simi submerged in the marsh. i noticed fresh trampeled tall grass and decided to follow the trail and sure enough there it was.

i called the park and rec department and they now have the basket. they plan to reinstall it in the next few days.

also it looks like the vandal(s) tried to rip basket #1 out of the ground as well as it now sits crooked and loose in the ground. this is very upsetting to us here at P.O.M.A.P. and should also be upsetting to discgolfers as a whole!!!

Greenway is a nice park/course and we have been fighting hard to save the course from the park and rec department from pulling this course. i urge anyone that plays there to do their best by maintaining the course and following the course rules. we can not afford to loose Greenway as it sits perfectly in the center of a 5 to 10 mile radius of 8 other courses.

Please Call the Park and Rec department @ (971) 246-0169 if you have any information leading to the vandal(s) that defaced Greenway on 5-1-09 or any jackass' that may cause problems in the future. thanx for the time as always.