Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   April 21, 2009 at 10:15am

Greenway DGC scavenger hunt list.

ok people we need lrg/5 gallon buckets (laundry detergent/big paint can style buckets/cat litter buckets) etc... 9 "J" hooks and two cans of spray paint (preferably a dark color IE black,green,or brown) and one can of white.

the idea is to set up a similar situation that they have at Orchard Park in providing trash cans per every tee box. this is in hopes that being there is only 3 provided trash cans we can cut down on the trash at our course.

someone from the club plays there almost every day so its a guarantee that the buckets will be well maintained and emptied out daily. thus keeping the course cleaner and giving us discgolfers the edge to prove to the community that we don't want our course pulled from the park.

im not asking anyone to go out and buy buckets but please save any empty ones that you may have and as far as the paint goes if you have a spare can laying around and want to donate it to the cause that would be great. and as always any more thoughts/ideas are welcomed. thanx