Club Kensington Resurrection   March 5, 2009 at 1:59am

Club Kensington Resurrection Sunday Doubles League

Over the next few weeks you will see major changes to the typical league you have seen over the last year and a half. This will now be a legitimate club. We will work to having more people, bigger payout format, easier and fairer Pro/Am "flip", possible tournaments and a charity event.

Jason Kirkaldy took the league over a year and a half ago and added the name "Resurrection" to the name. I ave been helping Jason for the last year trying to learn how to run the league in his absence. Jason is now going into the Army Reserves and has handed over the league and it assets to me in hopes I can keep it going and growing. When he returns, he still will be a major part of the club.

I will be talking to businesses to try and secure a sponser for the club. If we can lock someone in in the next couple of weeks we will look to add a fee to join the club ($15 is looking like the dollar amount) that will go directly to the club for fees we may occur with the park to hold a tournament or two this year. The fee should be offset by the discount we are looking for from our sponser from the goods they sell.

I would like to hold a tournament proir to the old park closing (Out with the old), and one for the new park opening (In with the new). The park charges $400 for us to hold each tournament. This is why we need to chage a fee for the club. I will continue to look for sponsership from many businesses both local and from out of state. We are also sitting on a large amount of discs and merchandise for sale which proceeds go directly to the club, so please take a look at what we have for sale. Thank you for all who have donated discs to the club to sell. Thank you to all who have donated cash and change the last two weeks. We have made over $50 the first two weeks we put out the donation bucket.

We will hold raffels, CTP's and continue with the Ace pool. My wife will continue to bake us little treats for us. I will pass out raffle tickets to those who donate their time to help keep the tee pads clean of snow and ice, and that help keep the course clean. We will do the drawing at the end of each of the four seasons. Thanks go out to Grant, Jeff, Dave, Andrew and Scott for their time and effort to keep up with the elements the last couple of weeks.

A web site is already in process for the club. If we can sell advertising space on the site, the money will go to the club. We will hold regular meetings, look for opinions, ideas and vote as a group of all active league members. I will maintain an open book policy during our meetings so any active member can see the books on where we stand as a club.

I have set a goal for 50 active members the first year. $15 club fees x 50 members = $750. We would be almost there to hold two events ($800).

I will use this site exclusively for keeping track of league scores, ace pool and league events.

Tell your disc golf buddies about us and come out and play with us. Tank you.