2012 Atlanta Bag Tag League   November 22, 2012 at 5:01am

2012 ADGO Bag Tag finals will be held Saturday Dec 8th at Redan Park

The 2012 ADGO Bag Tag finals will be held Saturday Dec 8th at Redan Park. It will be match play. You must have your ADGO Bag Tag with you to play.

Sign In 8:45AM-9:30AM Please do not be late. I’ve got to set up the brackets.
Depending on attendance, there may be some people who have a 1st round buy. I will not be able to determine this, until 9:30AM.

You must have your 2012 ADGO bag tag with you to play in this event. I will need to view it to verify the tag# you have.

Bring something with you to eat. We will be moving as quickly as possible from round to round. There will not be time to “run to Subway”.

All 2012 ADGO bag tags are sold. There will not be day of signups. You cannot use the tag bag of someone who is unable to attend.

General OB rules
2 meter rule is not in effect.
Surrounded by water is OB.
Football field behind hole #3 basket and on the right by hole #4 is OB. This means inside the chain link fence.
Over the residential fences on holes 6, 12, 13, 14, 17 are OB. Do not retrieve your disc during your match.

1st round to start as soon as the brackets are set up and I can get everything rolling

Seeded brackets will be set up based on your current bag tag#. Generally the lowest tag will play highest tag, second lowest tag will play second highest tag, etc.

Each round is 9 holes of match play, except the finals. Finals for both A & B brackets will be 18 hole match play.
Once a player has won more holes, than there are holes remaining, the match is over. (e.g. If Player A has already won 4 holes with 3 holes remaining to be played, the match is over)

Do not turn in your tag when you arrive. Each match you play will be a match between yourself and your opponent. At the end of the challenge, swap bag tags (if applicable). It is the responsibility of the person who won the match to come report the results to me. I will need to verify each person’s bag tag# and the score (e.g. Player A – 4 holes; Player B – 3 holes).

Players who lose in the first round (or a play-in round) will have the opportunity to play in the B bracket. There will be a $5 additional charge per player, but this is added to the payout for this bracket.Body of the post