Eastside Ace Run League   October 31, 2012 at 7:22am

Season ends with a sudden death!!!

Thanks to everybody for making this season fun. Congrats to Ed and Joe on the win! Joe also won the throwoff for half the Ace pool money. Jeff won the ctp. K Frad and Kurt Maty ended the season tied for 8th place...the last playoff spot, and played a sudden death round. Congrats to Kurt on sealing your spot in the finals and winning a trophy!

$10 was added to the playoff pot for a GRAND TOTAL OF $739!!!

Teams next week are:
1. Jay Binienda and Jeff Griffiths
2. Derek Stockford and Joe Wallo
3. Ed Carpus and Nick Cooke
4. Ken Mango and Kurt Maty

Next week will be a $5 ACE POOL and a $5 CTP...payouts will be:
1st place-50% ($370)
2nd place-25%($185)
3rd place-12.5%($93)
4th place-12.5%($93)