Eastside Ace Run League   October 7, 2012 at 9:08am

End of Season approaching

Congrats to Jay and Ken on the win! Joe Wallo won the ctp ($13). $14 was added to the playoff pot ($688 total).

LAST WEEK OF PLAY WILL BE OCT 30TH. The playoff round will be the following Tuesday Nov 6th. Teams will be chosen in order on the leaderboard (1st and 2nd are a team... 3rd and 4th and so on). Any tie for 8th place will be a "sudden death" style format playing holes 1,2,23, and 24 in a loop until theres a winner. As for the ACE POOL if there are no aces the last week of regular play there will be a throw-off for half the pool. The other half will carry over to the playoff round with another throw-off if there still isnt an ace. IF THERE ARE ANY ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

This was a fun season, and to the 103 people that showed up for the $1000 ace pool...I apologize it was so hectic and off to a late start but you guys gave me my best DG experience so far and it was the ****!!!