Team Night Moose Doubles Summer 2012   August 4, 2012 at 3:30pm

3rd Annual Night Moose Open

Alright folks, the cooperative points series is finished for summer and I would personally like to thank Foz Miller and Matt Schooley from Ypsi Dubs for everything they have contributed to the league this summer and also Mark Manard for stepping up to run leagues when I have not been available. The end of our league points will be October 21st, 2012. This will be the Sunday before the weekend of the year end extravaganza. The date has been set for October 26th, 27th and 28th for the 3rd Annual Night Moose Open. The field will be capped right around 35-40 players and will more then likely see a lot of new faces. For those who are not familiar this a an invite only tournament for members, friends and frequent league players. If you do not get invited I do apologize, but both myself and Mark have sat down and went over all the players who deserve an invite due to their positive impact on the club and the league itself. Invitations will be personally delivered to each possible participant and their will also be a wait list for players who will be able to play if other folks can't make it.