Eastside Ace Run League   June 20, 2012 at 8:05am


Thanks to everybody that came out tonite... 103 players showed and there were 4 aces... Taggart Anderson, Greg Hart, BDub, and Ryan Duffy. That was completely hectic and i thought that things went fairly smooth. There was a lot of complaining from people who showed for the first time and thought that things should be done differently to suit their needs... Biggest complaint was starting late... I started signing people in at 5:45 and wasnt expecting 100+ people. Its not fair to change the schedule for the regulars that attend just so the ace hunters are happy. I have learned that people WILL cry, and i got to see the faces that do... To those that would rather help out i greatly appreciated it (jay binienda, ed carpus, ken mango, ryan koeppen, brian frawley to name a few) i will crunch numbers and get scores and ace pool updated as soon as i can