2012 Pelham Tag League   June 9, 2012 at 1:22am

Course Improvements

As Marty has so kindly noted below, i am in touch with Brian at Pelham Parks and Rec. As of today he has prisoners scheduled to work for him the week of the 18th. I can communicate some of our desired improvements to him and he can have the jailbirds do the labor for us. I assume this works for most of you since no one besides Marty came prepared on our last 'work day'. (yes yes i was a slacker too)

Sooooo, as it turns out I will be at league this Sunday and i will be taking notes and pictures of said improvements and relaying them to Brian. If anyone wants a say in what happens i would suggest coming this Sunday or forever hold your peace. He is having bark mulch spread on the fairways, but if said mulch has not been purchased than i will try and have him buy the pea stone instead. Pelham is my secondary obligation after the course i am building/designing in Wilton, so if any of you slack jawed fa@%ots can handle a small amount of responsibility and help me deal with Pelham i would appreciate it.

See you noodle arms on Sunday.
Mark - TAG #27 bi*ches