Bag Tag League   June 8, 2012 at 6:58pm

Singles week night league for Bag tags

I have some good news. Starting next week I will have time available on Thursday evening to start a single league if there is intrest. As of right now i work in the Q****il 4 or 5 and i will have the rest of the eveing off. I was thinking Thursday nights would be great that way the people who play the QC leagues will not have an issue scheduling wise. Becuase I work in the Quad Cities i thought the league could travel from just Fuller if there was intrest. the courses i thought we could play would be...
Fuller long
Wappello SP? (i havent played this yet but its in the area, i know its 9 but we could play two rounds)
West Lake (with an early start?)
credit island
fuller short
we can play just fuller but with saturdays be consistantly at fuller i thought we could maybe rotate a week night singles league. This would also let some of the QC people a chance to play for tags with the muscatine players during the week. please let me know #1 if you have intrest playing a singles league. #2 if thursdays nights 5-6pm start works for you. #3 if you would like the league to rotate courses. Please send me a message on
Joseph Duehlmeyer