2012 Pelham Tag League   June 6, 2012 at 5:47pm

Tickheads update

Great summer so far.....decent weather, plenty of ticks to go around, some aces, low rounds (not me), lots of fun.

I wanted to say thanks for all the help from everyone on making this league a reality. Specifically, there has been mucho help from Mark Holt, Vijay Kakkad, Randy Streeter and Dan Murphy. These are not the only guys, but I didn't want to list everybody in the league.

Mark Holt is working with Parks and Rec to hopefully get some stone to make the tee pads level. More info to follow, but be sure to blame Mark if this doesn't happen. In the short-term, please volunteer your time to bring a rake with you if possible, pick a hole, and level the tee pad (Mat Ladroga has dibs on 17). If anyone wants to borrow my rake/shovel, let me know (I will also bring them this Sunday). I leveled 1 and 16 last weekend (yes, the closest ones).

Other Improvements
We are trying to move the tee of 15 to prevent the x-ing fairways with 16. The short-term plan is to move the tee over to close to where the 18th tee was before being moved back 30'. I cut a small shoot through there on Sunday, but if anyone has time when playing to help haul the mess I made into the woods or has a pole saw to trim back the branches, go to it.

If anyone has ideas on how to make the league better or wants to head-up running a work party or CTP/ACE pot etc., please shoot me an email.

Dead Tags
There are a couple guys in the top ten that have not showed in awhile and I do not have emails
AC Heyward
Seth McQuade
Does anyone have contact with these guys? Do you know if they are planning on playing again?

Ok, enough random sentences for the day.