Sussex Disc Golf League on Monday Nights - Spring 2012   May 21, 2012 at 4:00am


I posted scores for Terry this week because he was so busy witht he GMO. I know how people like to know their standing before league night, so i did them Sunday night when I got home from my weekend in MN. I took everything directly from the PDGA so I am only entering raw scores and points. There were two ties that need to be settled . . . Josh Hamm and Eric Peters tied with (-11) and will be playing off for the all important 1/2 point this week. In Advanced we had Matt Atherton, Drew Retherford, and Mike Broetzmann tied at (-6) and they will have to playoff for the all important point for 1st place.

Because I was going off of the PDGA scores, please do not hold me to anything, i did not have Terry's spreadhseet . .. also why I have not updated the ace pool because I do not know if anyone aced, nor do I know how much $ should be contributed tot he ace pool, but at least the scores have been posted!

Bring your A Game again tomorrow! It looks to be a wonderful evening for a PDGA sanctioned disc golf league!!!