Eastside Ace Run League   March 18, 2012 at 5:47am

Eastside ACE RUN League begins April 3!!!

I would like to welcome everybody back to this years league. Ken did a great job running the league last year and would like to keep the format mostly the same to allow players of all caliber to be able to come out and have a good time. Here is the format for this year:

$5 random dubs
*CALI has option of paying extra $5 in ACE POOL for their 2nd shot
*$1 from every ACE POOL ENTRY will go towards the playoffs @ the end of the year along with any remaining ACE POOL money, to ensure a good payout @ the end of the year. TOP 8 PLAYERS WILL PLAYOFF

Points- (we will be awarding points for placing)

15 pts.....ACE
10 pts.....completing a round with a score of -24 or better
5 pts.....DOTS (basket or higher, no bottom pole...too questionable during glow rounds)
5 pts.....1st place round win
3 pts.....2nd place round win
2 pts.....3rd place round win
1 pt.....showing up