2012 Atlanta Bag Tag League   April 18, 2012 at 1:39am

posting Bag Tag scores and tag updates on discgolfscene.com


I am seeing numerous incidents of people not posting bag tag matches on discgolfscene.com.
I choose to use discgolfscene.com because it is an easy way to keep scores and tags updated. But you have to go to the site and enter the match or tag update.

I have scores from GSSS#2 that I cannot update, because users at the tournament turned in a different tag than discgolfscene shows they have.
I will need to track people down to determine what tag# they are carrying.
So some of you will get a second email from me.

If you have scores from this weekend (or previously) that you have not entered on discgolfscene, please go out there and enter them asap.


Steve Adams