Sussex Disc Golf League on Monday Nights - Summer 2011   August 23, 2011 at 4:23pm

13 (or so) Weeks between aces then back to back weeks!?!?

This was Week #5 of 6 weeks for the shortened Sussex Summer Session which means next week is double points night!!!!

Last week we saw Brandon Burbach take down the massive Ace Pool of 13 (or so) weeks of carryovers and he turned his $184 cash into $276 in funny money. I would have had a hard time turning down that much cash, but I heard a rumor from Terry he already spent all but about $75 of the winings.

This week we saw Matt Atherton follow up with an ace of his own on Hole #6. I heard a rumor he threw a 1st Run Champion Groove! He took home a whopping $24 (which should have only been $23, my mistake).

Divisional Highlights included Mike Janowksi (shooting -8) taking down the playoff (over Brad Weber) for first in Open with a birdie on #2 . . . He can throw it a long way . . . because I also heard he hit chains on Hole #9 but it didn't stick . . . I would have enjoyed that because I always like to see an ace pool split . . . unless I am the one winning it! In Advanced we saw Ben Lynch come out less than 12 hours from his completed hand surgery and shot a league best (-7). This story got even more wierd when we heard what happened after he had thrown his disc within about 15' of a basket ready to make a tap in duece. Instead the dog picked up his disc and ran it hundreds of feet away turning his deuce into a 4 and costing him a personal best (-9). I checked with Terry and it turns out the disc should have been replaced (without penalty) because it had already come to rest. The group would have to decide where it had actually come to rest but this isn't tournament play so I am sure everyone could agree on something pretty easily. Sorry Ben, now I need to look up if there was a penalty for playing the disc from the wrong spot! In the Amateur division we saw Jon Doenier come in and take down the division with a (-3). That score has cashed in Advanced a couple of times this season, so perhaps he needs to move to a higher division, but we will give him another week in that division before deciding if he should be competing in the Advanced division. In the Women's division we saw Brianna take down this weeks funny money with a (+14) but Jo Jo Lyannas won the CTP so none of the women went home empty handed this week. The Advanced and Pro Divisions also competed in a CTP and again to a lightpole on the boulevard of grass across from the parking lot. The road was again OB to make it just that much harder and we only saw a handful of discs in bounds but Joel Kamoske was sitting under the evergreen about 20' from the pole (where it would have been a tough birdie) and the second place winner Mike Wertz was about 65' away past the second road. We also saw one casualty with Matt Atherton (Mr. ACE) flipping his disc over and hitting the lightpole about 150' away from the correct lightpole. We all enjoyed that . . . thanks Matt! And once again, your league director turned over his Katana and it dove into the dirt before the parking lot . . . I'm gonna figure it out one of these days!

See you next week!