2011 Wednesday Weeklies - Fall Session - New Berlin, WI   August 21, 2011 at 7:58am

Summer Season Awards and Week 1 Fun

We gave away the basket and some more prizes from last season's finale and the big winner was Kyle Dolezar winning the traveller basket . . . what a lucky guy after only playing a couple of weeks. We saw Loretta Ellery win another Women's division and from the sounds of it, she and Mike Ellery are retiring from the VV league . . . they were staples in this league for a long time. We also saw Andy Walker take down Advanced division and move up to Semi Pro along with the two guys who were right behind him in the division . . . it's nice to see people get moved up and still continue to come back. It's all about getting better and being fair to the other people in the division. If only all people had the integrity and intestinal fortitude of the three of you (Andy Walker, Scott Smogeleski, and Matt Chellman). Now Chris Levandoski, Gary Obernberger, Art Noel, and some of the other regulars will be gunning for the top spot in this division.

In the Semi Pro Division we saw Dave Olson (a recent transfer from the Advanced Division) move up to the Pro division after his summer season divisional win. He has certainly shown to be one of the most improved disc golfers we have seen come through VV (or anywhere for that matter) in a long time. He has ascended all the way to the Pro Divison and if you look at Week 1 stats he was in a 3 way tie for the lead in the division . . . unfortunately suffering a loss at the hands of our fearless league director. Regardless he is certainly showing his aptitude for this game and we look to the future where he will continue to improve. Finishing a good 20 points behind Dave Olson was Shane Ferguson who I personally tried to keep interested in VV. I do feel strongly about the fact that VV has a lot of redeeming qualities that should not be ignored. A lot of people write off this course because it is "short and dinky" but you know what . . .if you play any courses with a lot of wooded holes learning these shots out here can be really helpful for you in different scenarios. I am glad to see Shane made his return after his frustrating spring at VV. He also has shown he was able to pick up on the specific throws on some of these holes pretty quickly as his average has drastically improved. Semi Pro also saw Mike Ellery finish in third place . . . as I said he has been a staple of the VV leagues for my entire time of playing this game (3 years) and a few years before I found this great sport. He taught me many things about the game over the years and the one that stands out the most is "You gotta want it". Also worthy of noting is there will be more change available in the parking lot as he was amassing quite a little trust fund with all of his coins found in the parking lot. I might need help keeping the parking lot free of loose change so if anyone else wants to volunteer their time please let me know. (Sorry Mike I had to bring it up!)

Then in the Pro division we saw a hotly contested division yet again with Brad Weber edging out Terry Miller by the tune of one golfer on Double Points night. Brad doesn't take as much pride in this win because he knows Terry and Jonny V both missed double points night . . . but I say it is all about priorities . . . Terry and Jonny V decided that the world championships meant more than the Divisional win at VV Summer League. I say Brad Weber prioritized his win at VV because he also could have gone to the Pro Worlds, but he didn't he chose to fight it out on the battlefield and he came down on top. Terry was just 1.5 points away. Jonny V came in third and I was a distant 4th (basically admitting that I am donating to these guys on a weekly basis). I did find a sidearm this week so they better look out as I birdied all 4 of the holes I threw the sidearm. Maybe I can continue to bring my average up . . . its gonna take 1-2 shots though before I will even have a chance at contending on a weekly basis.

Thats the wrapup for the Summer session and we all move on to the first week of the Fall season. You can create any story you want as the scores are up . . . we saw some more personal bests (Dave Olson with a -13, Chris Levandoski with a -7, Shayla FInley with a +6 (She is on a roll and recently got sponsorship from Allen Stewart and Shane Ferguson of the Chain Chasers to the Mad City Open where we all hope she will do well!)

Next week is week #2 of the 10 week fall season . . . keep coming out for more VV fun!!!!