DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2011   August 9, 2011 at 1:21am

MiCPS: Final Week - only two HLW left to play - Burning Chair???

DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2011

685 total players and growing (6 new players this last week)
47 participating leagues

Top Ten Action in review:

Well with only ONE week left and two HLW this week, we are down to the wire. Interestingly no one new entered the top ten this week but there were several changes in the order. Andy Steiner grabs 56 points and moves up to Nineth dropping Dale "Llama" Wrobel to the Tenth spot. Travis Smith slips from seventh to eight and Bob Smart drops to seventh. On a positive note Dave Milewski jumps 70 points and two spots upward to sixth. Ben Ciccarelli was able to steal the fifth spot marking the last movement in the top 10 this week. The rest just added points but held their spots. Kurt Matty grabbed 42 pts at fourth and at third with another 49 points added Dj Hunt, while Ben Calhoun earning 64 pts holds on to the second spot and Mike Henry widens the gap with 92 points and command of first place on the Michigan Cooperative Point Series leaderboard with 904 points.

The last week - what will it bring?

1 W M 904
2 Ben Calhoun 836
3 Dj Hunt 808
5 Ben Ciccarelli 758
6 Dave Milewski 749
7 bob smart 737
8 Travis Smith 716
9 andy steiner 696
10 Dale "Llama" Wrobel 687
MDGO Mi State Championship Berth winners don't forget to register by July 26th or your berth is lost.

You can find a league round almost any where in the state BUT there are only two left that provide double points - this week here are the highlighted leagues.

****** The last week of the Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2011 ****

Monday August 8, 2011 5:30pm Hickory Hills Singles League
Hickory Hills

Saturday August 13, 2011 12:00pm 101 Saturday Dubs Summer 2011
Independence Lake County Park **** Last Double Point of the season *****
This league is still active - hope to see you on Saturday.

Note there is a party at the Farm House - The Burning Chair party Saturday and Sunday with a round of Disc Golf in the late afternoon after the Local 101 league. Camping onsite - something like 16 bands playing.
A nice way to celebrate the end off the Summer 2011 MiCPS season.

You can find details of each league on the main MICPS page here:

Grab some friends and head out to a new course, a new league and enjoy this summer – Michigan Disc Golf Baby!!!