Dirty Dollars Disc Golf League   April 21, 2011 at 7:22pm


Its nice to see that as the weather gets better around the polluted lakeshore area, the number of dirty disc golfers has risen as well. However, with the increased number of newly established dirty disc golfers playing, there is an increased potential of TOXIC-related incidents.
With that being said, it is my duty as chief toxicologist to let you all be aware of the potential hazards that come with playing near (hopefully not in) the toxic lagoon....

1) Always use a stick or something pointy to get your disc out of the lagoon.

2) Never take your dirty toxic fingers and put them to your nose and sniff (Whitey).

3) If you at any time start to feel faint or weird in any other way (thats not drug or alcohol induced), get away from the polluted premises as quickly as possible.

4) Never play with dirty ****s, even ****s that love dirty dollars.

STFU #1: 3.9 STFU #2: 4.1

See you all on the course.