Michigan Intercollegiate Disc Golf Challenge Series 2010-2011   April 17, 2011 at 5:02pm

Scholarship Race Update

After adjusting scores (dropping the lowest of the possible 7 event scores to date), the following top five students in the individual points race will be vying at the upcoming MIDGC Finals to have their fall semester books paid for:

1) Kyle Jansen - 333 pts
2) Brannan Billow - 322 pts
3) Alex Franko - 251 pts
4) Greg Marcusse - 213 pts
5) Randy Gallagher - 183 pts

EARNING PTS TOWARD THE SCHOLARSHIP: Those college students who play in the match play singles bracket, will earn 30 points for a 12 hole match win (not doubled), and 16 points for a 12 hole match loss (again, not doubled). The college students playing in the traditional one, 18-hole handicapped singles match . will have their points for the one match doubled. Then any college student playing into the final four will earn points in a similar fashion for each of the 2 remaining, singles match-play matches, while all others will be playing one, 18-hole handicapped doubles match.

The top 5 student points finishers will each earn a berth to the 2011 State Finals!