2011 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   April 4, 2011 at 7:04pm

Week 2 is on the way!

With less than perfect weather we still kicked off the 2011 League Season with a bang! Thank you to everyone that came out. We had a ton of new players start up this session and we hope to bring in even more. We'll continue to add daylight each week and things will run more and more efficiently as everyone gets in the swing of things.

About a dozen players headed over to BW3's immediately following the round last week and they again signed on as our 'after league' sponsor! That means that most weeks we'll have some BW3's gift certificates to give away which might come as random prizes or they might be for CTPs or other things! Stay tuned.

High temps in the 50s on Wednesday! Let's hope your scores are lower than the highs! See you Wednesday!