The Willamette Valley Bag Tag Challenge 2011   July 18, 2011 at 9:55am

The Willamette Open

Hey guys,

Wow! What an awesome weekend. I had a great time! Nate S. took first for the pros (did we ever question him?) securing the #2 tag and a badass piece of glow plastic. I took down the Advanced field, taking #3 and a nice Echo Star Destroyer (I told you I'd get my money back, one disc at a time if I have to!) Kelly dominated the Pro Masters (He was the only one with a tag). Dr. Bryce also won a nice new disc by default as the only GM tag holder. The intermediate men were shepherded by Nate G. who ended up with the #9 tag and a sweet new disc as well.

All in all, a successful first tag dump! We also sold 5 more tags bringing us up to a total of 37. That rocks! Pass the word on to anyone who's been talking about joining. We're running out, and I'm not going to order any more this year. I might have to plan on a bigger field for next year. Thanks to Mark and Paul at Calapooia, for everything (notice those boys are also a part of our bag tag crew now)!

Jesse has been cuddling up to that #1 tag for quite some time now. It's his pretty little pet. And he loves it, and he strokes's naughty! It needs to be on someone else's bag within the week or I swear, I'll get crazy!!!

Don't make me initiate a Mob Challenge! I'll do it. Seriously.