Frozen Fallasburg Winter Disc League   February 14, 2011 at 1:31am

Lost Disc Ruling and League Party

There was a question about this today, so Ill clarify: If you can not find your disc in the snow, the group/card designates where they believe your lie is/should be, and you shoot from said spot with NO penalty. A lost disc in the winter doesnt necessarily mean it was a bad shot, therefore should not be penalized. Doesnt apply when the snow is gone.

One more thing: I am tentatively planning the league party/ doubles tournament for Saturday April 9, with the last league day being March 27. All members who have played at least 4 league rounds are invited to play, and bring one guest for the party. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and beverages (soda, beer, water) will be provided for lunch, and Im asking everyone to bring at least one side dish (hot or cold). After we eat there will be prizes for skill shots, jumbo putt, long drive contest, and a horseshoes tourney, along with other prizes for league play. Ill let everyone know if the day changes between now and then.