Bag Tag Challenge 2k10   November 10, 2010 at 6:32am

ABDG BagTag Challenge - Yeti Series trial run Vance / Rockwood 11/10

Were sitting on a chance of rain for tomorrows trial run of this years 1st annual Yeti Series. This will be a Safari Layout 18 holes with maps provided. If you show up for tomorrows BagTag you get a raffle ticket good for opening day!
Please register for yeti series at

I may need some help in the AM setting up, so if there are any volunteers please let me know in the morning.
I submitted this layout on the scene.. lets hope it get approved.
We will do a similar run next week at Leverich Park.
Then the votes are in for the following week.. so far its lookin like Hornings.
See you all there.. Chadwick