2010 Spassland Fall Series - Germantown, WI   October 8, 2010 at 10:03pm

Week 7 - Alternate tees

New business: Don't forget Aces Wild and Don't forget next week is the last week and it is double points night!

Now for week 7. I was not in town but Nolan and Matt helped out and took care of things. Nolan just sent me the results and they have now been posted. It sounds like sunlight was lacking with the round and it was decided that league will start at 5.30 for the final week.

Looks like scores were close in the advanced division with Paul extending his lead. Looks like the beginner division really grew this week and Josh came back to take the win. Looking like we might have two beginners that might have to think about moving up after shooting under par.

Sounds like it might have been too dark for a CTP so maybe next week we will do something during the round so that we are not worried about getting something done after the round. Also sounds like we still owe Matt for his Ace.

I don't have many more updates other than that. I will be getting back into Milwaukee late this evening and will be out at the course around 11am tomorrow with Mike H setting up the alternate tees for the Aces Wild. Hope to see all of you out there!