24 Chains   October 6, 2010 at 7:40pm

Friday’s game is at Bandemer @ 5:30pm

Well this is it, our last Friday Happy Hour game for now, We had a good run of games and met some of the finest players and degenerate pirates the side of the state has to offer.. Now let’s see what you guys got in the cold. After this Friday we will be switching to out winter church schedule of Sundays at 9-10am. Time and location will be put to a vote as always. We will also take on our random raids of the others in the area as we did last year, to help warm up the others with fresh and steaming piles of CHA!!!.
So as this is our last Friday we are playing the course we started our season with to try and end on a good note. We are planning on playing into the night so bring out your glows for at least 1 round. Growler Toss, CTP’S, Side Games, Ace Pool,etc.. Let’s go out and give it one last CHA!!! For Friday Knights.