The Willamette Valley Bag Tag Challenge 2011   July 5, 2011 at 1:59pm

That was FUN!

Hey, thanks again to everyone who showed up for the first match play tourney of the Willamette Valley Bag Tag Challenge 2011!!!

I know I had a really good time out there. Now I just have to get rid of this #12 tag. Sorry Hooper, but your bum ankle is calling to me. Plus Jesse could refuse my challenge and Skinny, well, he's just not easy for me to beat...

I wanted to let you all know about "Billy's Bag Tag Throwdowns". Every other week or so, I'm going to post a challenge here. It might be a tag dump at one of the courses, or a bounty on a pro (or someone else who's been holding the #1 tag too long!), or a mini (much shorter, single elimination) version of what we did on Sunday with the match play. There will be prizes for winning throwdowns. Not everyone is on discgolfscene yet, so I'm trying to figure out how to work that...It may be a good incentive to get on here, but I want to be fair. I might do group texting or something like that.

Anyway, stay tuned.