2010 Spassland Fall Series - Germantown, WI   October 1, 2010 at 6:47am

Week 6

Week 6 was two disc night and we saw a lot of personal best scores.

We went out by division tonight and Casey came out with the Open division. She wasn't thrilled about it at first but I think after the first hole when I hit the first tree off the pad and I think she about fell over laughing she was good to go. She relaxed after watching me smack a tree on my first shot. Casey pulled in her best round by 5 strokes and has shown huge improvement since she started disc golfing in May. Great work!!! Keep up the practice and in no time you will be shooting under par. After hitting the first tree I was able to salvage a par and ended up beating Joel for my first league round in as long as I can remember, thank you Joel for missing a couple 7 footers to allow me to win.

The advanced division once again saw some personal bests. Tim Schmidt came in with his hottest round of the session shooting a -13, yes that is better than everyone else that was at league tonight. Great work, maybe you should only use those two discs the rest of the league. Paul came in again with another hot round, looking forward to him moving up and playing open with Joel and I. Nolan was able to shoot another consistent round which rounds out the top 3.

The beginner division saw the winner shooting his hottest round. Pete broke the par barrier and shot a -1. We have been working with him keeping his disc level and not spilling his top shelf adult beverages... I think this week he must have kept that disc really level. Great work!!!

Matt Klowak showed us all how to get a hole in 1. He was able to bust out an almost blind ace on hole 3. The sun was just at the horizon and I am not sure if he could even see the basket but we all heard the chains ring when he slammed home his ace. Great work, should have saved it for the Aces Wild but he did make $18. Don't forget to get it from Nolan.

Next week will be one round off of normal tees and one round off of alternate tees. Nolan has offered to run league for me in my absence. I will be in Raleigh, NC for work but will be back for double points night.

Don't forget, league starts at 5.45 sharp.

Dane "D-Money" Miller