Leverich Park Summer League   September 16, 2010 at 8:53pm

Play-offs round one in the books.

Nate Clark took advantage of a rainy night with low turnout which enabled him to draw Cali and win night one by one stroke. I would like to clarify some things. Everyone may play in the play-offs. There will be separate pools for the Top 16 and the best of the rest, with final payouts in both pools. There were only 13 of the top 16 players at week one. If you are one of the top 18 players you QUALIFIED for the top 16. If you are one of the three that missed last night you MUST be there next week to play in the finals. Please contact Saui or I if you are NOT going to be there please. Remember the final scoring and standings will be based on your best score from either last night or next Wednesday added to the score of your final round. That means you can miss either last night or next Wednesday but you HAVE to play on the last Wednesday of September to have a shot at winning the title. We are looking for donations for ctp and other prizes for the finals on the 29th. We are also going to try and start the final rounds at 5pm due to issues with light.