Leverich Park Summer League   September 15, 2010 at 8:37am

Leverich Summer League Playoffs

Tomorrow marks the start of the playoffs for summer league. These playoffs will last three weeks and will end on the last wednesday of september. We will play random draw doubles the first two weeks and a seated doubles match on the last week. The top 16 players will be eligable for the for the tourny, so if your name is in the top 16 you are in. I'm not sure of the status for ness or sands but I do know that goss and witt will not be able to show so that opens up at least two spots. So that means elston and denny automatically qualify for the finals with the possibility of Keshia or maybe d waters moving up into the top 16. If your in to top 20 it might be a good idea to show up tomorrow. There will also be a buy in round for the players that don't qualify.

Finals Format:
Each player will pick their better score from the first two weeks. If you only make one of the first two weeks, you will have to take that score. That score will be combined with your score of your final round on the last week in september. Therefore, you MUST be present for the final week to qualify for the top prize. If you have any questions show up tommorw and I'll explain in further detail.