Bag Tag Challenge 2k10   July 2, 2010 at 5:48pm

Recap of 2k10 Tournament.

I had a great time out at Hornings Hideout this week with all of you, I hope to do it again soon, thank you for your support! Maybe next time we will have enough people to do a Pro & Am sign up. I will get the tournament scores posted soon, I have yet to run a tourney from the DG scene and posting scores is a bit more detailed, it will help us prepare for the finals coming soon.
Here are a few notes from the event that we need to work on for next time.
1. Ace pot was not hit, so the club ace pot has been increased.
2. I think next time we should do 2 rounds.
3. Several people did not pay Horning's, so i will have to pre charge next time.
4. Club proceeds went to Horning's for the people that didnt pay.
5. None of the top 3 winners have a dg scene profile, so no stars were given out.
6. There were 24 sign ups, & paid out $96 to 3 places.
7. All & all I think it was a fun event and a learning experience for future events

Should we adopt the random score cards for future League days?

Thanks again, Chadwick